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It will run up to three pumps simultaneously, and each pump can have an independent delay time. Our patented sequence mode is great for washers with few or even no signals, and can drive 16 formulas with one trigger. Also available are latched mode for washers with recurring triggers, formula mode, and smart relay mode which allows the user to select the dose rate. Automatic Formula Selection AFS allows you to configure your dispenser to automatically select formulas based on specific trigger timing criteria from the washer.

This saves time, increases accuracy and helps ensure a smooth transition when replacing a dispenser with the LPlus. By selecting formulas by name, your customers can be sure they get the right chemistry every time.

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Rewashes are prevented with optional low level alarms. Selectable hygiene verification alerts laundry workers when thermal regulations are not met.

Система дозирования Seko Smart Spring

Two security levels enable end-users to view data without jeopardizing setups. ETB QF Manifold Harness Function Test. Seko Dosing Systems The largest supplier of privately-branded specialty cleaning chemicals in the nation Main menu Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. Home Kitchen D Tahoe Sierra W W Encapsulator Encapsulator Plus Kitchen Archive Janitorial BetaJet Laundry Alpine LPlus LXL Manifold QF Tunnel Flush ILS OPL ILS Max Laundry Archive Specialty DR PoolShot Pool SingleShot Caliper Spare Parts Series Pumps 8 oz.

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Alpine LPlus LXL Manifold QF Tunnel Flush ILS OPL ILS Max Laundry Archive.


Операции конфигурации и калибровки датчиков на блоке управления 50 Series , упрощены до максимума, чтобы существенно облегчить использование оператором.